PMO dismisses report by Moody’s Analytics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Office on Wednesday called the report of Moody’s Analytics — that warned that unless he reined in BJP members, India risked domestic and global credibility — “the personal opinion of a Junior Associate Economist” employed with it. In a statement, the PMO said: “The opinion of a Junior Associate Economist employed with Moody’s Analytics has been splashed all across implying it as the opinion of Moody’s Analytics.”

Moody’s Analytics is the economic research and analysis division of Moody’s Corporation, of which the global rating agency Moody’s Investors Service Inc. is a subsidiary. In a report titled “India Outlook: Searching for Potential” last week, it expressed concern over what it called the belligerent provocation against various Indian minorities.

Moody’s Shared Services India had shared it with the media on Friday through e-mail. Neither the e-mail nor the attached note said the report was based on the author’s personal views.

When contacted by The Hindu , a spokesman at Moody’s Shared Services India said the PMO’s statement had been sent to the firm’s offices in New York and Singapore for response or further action.

He could not confirm whether the PMO had consulted Moody’s Analytics ahead of issuing the statement.

The PMO’s statement also sought to blame the media for passing off as commentary on India the personal opinion of a junior analyst “to buttress the narrative it wants to portray.”

‘View of a Junior Associate Economist splashed all across’