PM: dismantle technology denial regimes

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday called for dismantling of artificial barriers and technology-denial regimes in the field of nuclear energy for peaceful proposes.

``Artificial barriers and technology-denial regimes are an anachronism in this age of globalisation; they must be progressively dismantled,'' he said, addressing senior scientists and engineers at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India's premier nuclear research and development establishment at Trombay in North-East Mumbai.

The Prime Minister said: ``India would like to participate in all initiatives which will accelerate the use of atomic energy for providing greater energy security to a world, which is today faced with uncertain supplies or environmental consequences of unrestrained growth of traditional sources of energy.''

``Our nuclear programme has reached global standards of excellence. Our scientific and technological achievements have given us the will and confidence to explore enhanced interactions and exchanges with the outside world,'' he said.

To ensure "our energy security in the future, we must recognise that nuclear energy is an important component of our overall energy basket."

He said: "We cannot allow energy constraints to retard our economic and social growth.''

Underlining the need to embark on a major expansion of the nation's nuclear energy potential, he said the objective was to generate at least 20,000 MW of nuclear energy by the year 2020. ``We are determined to achieve this target.''


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