Pak. finds itself isolated: Advani

HYDERABAD Oct. 31. The Deputy Prime Minister, L.K. Advani, said here today that India would defeat Pakistan in its proxy war just as it did in the three open wars fought between the two nations since Independence.

Stating that the epicentre of terrorism had shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan, he said there was a growing realisation across the world that any nation could become the target of terror. As a result, Pakistan was finding itself isolated.

At the National Police Academy (NPA) here, Mr. Advani told mediapersons that Islamabad had adopted three strategies since Partition to undo the decision of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to accede to secular India and their rejection of theocracy in Pakistan.

First, Pakistan fought a series of open wars in 1947, 1965 and 1971 which were proved to be disastrous for it since it not only failed to grab Kashmir but lost Bangladesh in the process. Later, it raised the Kashmir issue on all international fora in a bid to internationalise it.

But, this strategy did not yield results although it created ``some illusion'' among countries who were unfamiliar with the process of merger of the States into the Indian union. Its attempts to raise Kashmir in the United Nations Security Council also did not go far, as U.N. officials said the resolution on Kashmir was outdated.

Having failed in these two strategies, Pakistan had decided to resort to terrorism in India, which was a form of proxy war in which innocent persons were being killed. Earlier, addressing the IPS officer trainees, Mr. Advani said India's view was that war was never a solution to any problem, including the one in Jammu and Kashmir. Foreigners often asked this question about the outbreak of war. ``But, at a time when all kinds of weapons of destruction are available, no responsible, democratic or civilised nation will resort to war,'' he said.

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