Pak-based JKLF to step up campaign

ISLAMABAD NOV. 13. The Pakistan-based Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) will "accelerate" its campaign for "re-unification and complete independence" of the divided Jammu and Kashmir State.

A decision to this effect was taken by the central executive ommittee of the JKLF at its recent meeting presided over by Amanullah Khan.

The Pakistan-based JKLF has for long been advocating the concept of an "independent united" Jammu and Kashmir.

A statement by the party here said that in the light of the "ground realities" in Jammu Kashmir, in India and Pakistan and at the international level and in the light of the past experience, "re-unification" was the only solution.

In a resolution, the committee has said that 15 years after reunification and independence there could be a U.N.-sponsored referendum in which Kashmiris would determine whether Kashmir should retain its independence forever or become part of India or Pakistan. A popular "verdict" should be accepted as a final settlement of the issue by all parties to the Kashmir problem.

The committee said that converting the Line of Control in Kashmir into a permanent border, for which some influential quarters at the international level were pressuring India and Pakistan, would only perpetuate, rather enhance, violence in Kashmir.

It appealed to India, Pakistan and the international community to accept and take steps conducive to the implementation of the proposed solution of the issue and warned that ignoring the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people would irreparably damage the national interests of both India and Pakistan and endanger world peace.

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