Pak. asked to furnish list

ISLAMABAD, JAN. 20. As the India-Pakistan stand off over New Delhi's demand for handing over 20 terrorists continued, India has asked Pakistan to furnish a comprehensive list of militant groups which had infiltrated into Jammu and Kashmir in recent times, a move resented by Islamabad which said it was being ``pushed against the wall'' by New Delhi.

The report in `The news' was published a day after the Pakistan Foreign Minister, Abdul Sattar, said that Islamabad would provide India its own list of wanted men for extradition.

The Pakistani daily said the Indian demand for a comprehensive list of militants infiltrated into J and K was conveyed to Pakistan officials during the recent visit of the U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

It said the Indian Government has made it clear to the U.S. authorities that unless all its demands, especially concerning Kashmir, are met, they will not withdraw their forces from the border and will continue to pressure Islamabad.

Apart from other conditions for troops withdrawal, New Delhi has also told the U.S. to ask Pakistan to provide it details of all militants who reportedly entered into Kashmir from Pakistani side, it said.


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