Now Brahmaputra faces floods from Tibet

GUWAHATI, AUG. 14. After the Sutlej river in Himachal Pradesh, now it is the turn of the Brahmaputra to face another possible dam burst in China.

Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are on high alert since yesterday following confirmation of an official report that another artificial lake was being created on the river Tsangpo, threatening another round of flood devastation down in the Brahmaputra valley. Tsangpo is the name of Brahmaputra inside China.

The successive calamities in Tibet are likely to have a devastating ecological affect in Brahmaputra valley as well as in Himachal Pradesh. The hydel projects especially in Arunachal Pradesh, which is promising 25000 MW power in the next 10 years, may also be hit.

The Centre is in touch with the Chinese authorities to try and drain the water out of the lake.

The Army has activated its disaster management plans and set up emergency teams of doctors, medical assistants, technicians and engineers to carry out rescue work as well as to help restore telecommunications, roads and bridges in case the flash floods.

Both China and India have agreed to share weather information after the 2001 catastrophic dam burst in Lohit river in Arunachal Pradesh.


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