Nod for more flights between India, U.K.

CHENNAI, SEPT. 25 . Air connectivity between India and the U.K. is all set to soar with the airlines of the two countries granted 21 additional weekly flights each as a result of the official talks that took place in London this week.

Andy Stern, British Airways General Manager South Asia, said: "We are delighted that the U.K. and Indian governments have agreed on additional air frequencies between the two countries. We have said for a long time that the Indian market is under-served.

"The decision to offer the airlines of the U.K. and India permission to operate more flights is a step in the right direction for air travellers in the two countries. It will offer our passengers greater flexibility to fly direct to and from London."

British Airways, he said, had been operating non-stop to India since 1929 with a worldwide network of 216 destinations in 94 countries.

"We have been committed to increasing the number of flights to cities. We already fly to and look forward to the possibility of starting flights to new destinations such as Bangalore and Hyderabad."

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