No plans to marry again: Laloo

New Delhi July 26. Rajya Sabha today witnessed lighter moments over a newspaper report quoting a television serial star that she would prefer the RJD supremo, Laloo Prasad Yadav, if she were to choose a husband from among Indian politicians.

Several members went up to the RJD leader soon after the Question Hour to ask him if he was getting married again. Pat came the reply: ``I am a father of nine children with a happy married life and if I were to marry again, all of you friends would have received invitations by now.'' Sakshi Tanwar, television star, told Pioneer newspaper in an interview that if she were to choose a husband, she would prefer Mr. Yadav among politicians, ``just for fun''. T.N. Chaturvedi (BJP) said ``I opened Pioneer newspaper today taking Laloo's earlier advice to me to read English newspapers seriously. I was surprised to find the report. We would like Laloo to clarify''.

``I would like to make it clear that I have no such intention,'' Mr. Yadav said, adding ``but I am thankful to the lady''.


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