Natwar speaks to G-4 colleagues

Diplomatic Correspondent

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh has spoken to his Brazilian, Japanese and German counterparts on the G-4 draft resolution on expanding the United Nations Security Council.

The External Affairs Ministry spokesman said that Mr. Singh had also spoken to British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in the last few days in this regard. India has requested Britain to co-sponsor the resolution that aims to increase the number of permanent members in the Council by six.

According to official sources, Mr. Singh discussed with his G-4 counterparts the timing of tabling the draft resolution in the Security Council.

Mr.Singh, who is accompanying the United Progressive Alliance Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to Russia, is also scheduled to visit Norway, Italy and Hungary from June 16.

Mr. Singh's visit to Italy, especially, will be watched with great interest because Italy is one of the staunch opponents of the G-4 proposal to expand the Security Council in the permanent category.

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