Naidu calls CMP `anti-national'

HYDERABAD Oct. 31. The Common Minimum Programme of the PDP-Congress alliance in Jammu and Kashmir is "anti-national and dangerous from the security angle and a sure way to disaster for the country," the BJP national president, M. Venkaiah Naidu, said here today. The decisions spelt a compromise on internal security, he said.

Addressing the BJP State Council meeting here on Thursday, Mr. Naidu said the agenda declared by the PDP chief and Chief Minister-designate, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, would harm the country's interest. "Let everyone understand that not applying POTA, disbanding the Special Operations Group and releasing militants from jails is not good for the country. The Congress should take a greater responsibility for the dangerous portents these decisions would have for the future, as it is a major partner. There are many Pakistan-trained militants and Pakistani terrorists in jails. Why do you want to release them", he asked.

" We have nothing against their alliance. Let them ally with anyone to grab power. But in the process they are endangering the safety and security of the country, which must be taken note of. Could there be a greater example of the short-sightedness of the Congress? Such alliances should not spell doom for the country. But that party is known to sacrifice the interests of the nation for securing power", he alleged.

Turning his attention to the BJP rebels in Uttar Pradesh, he warned them of stringent action. "They could discuss their problems internally but raising them in public would sully the party's image."

He reiterated the BJP's support to the Tamil Nadu Bill banning religious conversions and said such legislation should be made in every State. The BJP would seek a nationwide debate on the issue and initiate measures for such legislation. Such a Bill was in vogue in Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Orissa. But, the Congress or the Communists never talked about it.

He said the BJP agenda had not changed at all, but the party was sticking to the NDA's common minimum programme. "Our stand however is very clear. We want a Ram mandir and we want to eliminate terrorism from our soil. We do not compromise on our policies. It is a long long ideological war for us."

He said the Congress Chief Ministers broke the law despite court verdicts. "Our leaders apologised to the courts for the mistakes, if any. What did S.M. Krishna do on the Cauvery issue?'', he asked. Why do the Congress Chief Ministers break law and court arrests, despite the fact that they seek aid from the Centre and several concessions?

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