Musharraf promises full powers to PM

ISLAMABAD Oct. 5. With five days to go for the general election, the Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf, has promised to hand over `full' responsibility to the elected Prime Minister.

Presiding over the weekly Cabinet meeting, Gen. Musharraf dwelt at length on the coming elections and hoped that people would elect representatives who would carry forward `good governance' given by his regime in the last three years.

Gen. Musharraf told his colleagues that while the new Prime Minister would be fully in-charge and empowered to govern the country, he as President of Pakistan however would discharge his `constitutional' duties to ensure continuity of good governance through constitutional measures.

The constitutional amendments made by Gen. Musharraf empowering the President to dissolve the National Assembly, after consultation with the National Security Council, is the major bone of contention between him and several parties opposed to his regime.

Gen. Musharraf told the Cabinet that it would be his endeavour to bring political harmony in the country. "I am confident that as a result of coming elections, a new political culture of tolerance, accommodation and responsibility will emerge."

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