Mulayam may visit Delhi

NEW DELHI SEPT. 26 . The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav, is likely to visit New Delhi tomorrow to consult his allies on the expansion of his Cabinet. While he is slated to meet the Lok Dal president, Ajit Singh, no meeting has been scheduled with the Congress leadership.

Samajwadi Party sources say the U.P. Chief Minister is likely to expand his Cabinet in the next couple of days and it is now almost certain that the Congress will not join his Government.

The Congress has 16 MLAs in the 402-member Assembly and its letter of support to Mr. Yadav had played a key role in the formation of the Government in the State.

So far, Mr. Yadav has appointed six Ministers and is under pressure from his partymen as well as his allies. Of the Ministers sworn in, two each are from Kalyan Singh's Kranti Dal, Ajit Singh's Lok Dal and the Samajwadi Party.

The U.P. Chief Minister has to reconcile with the conflicting claims of the Lok Dal and the Kranti Dal. The four-member Kranti Dal already has two cabinet berths, while the 14-member Lok Dal, which had five in the previous Government, headed by Mayawati, is looking forward to increasing its representation to at least seven. "If a four-member party can have two Cabinet Ministers, we should rightfully have at least seven," said a Lok Dal leader.

Besides the two parties, Mr. Yadav has to find a way to accommodate some of the independent MLAs supporting the Government. Senior party sources said that despite Mr. Yadav's attempt to limit the size of his Ministry, the number might ultimately be around 60, though all of them might not be brought into the Government immediately.

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