‘Most phishers in bank fraud cases from north’

A large number of people in Jamtara are reportedly were engaged in the fraud. —FILE PHOTO: M.Karunakaran  

Even as a large number of gullible bank customers continue to lose their money to phishing or ATM card fraud cases, the investigation has led the police to States in north India, including Jharkhand.

Ishaan Sinha, a cyber crime investigation specialist, told The Hindu in Mysuru that fraudsters posing as bank representatives had been making calls from different towns in north India, particularly Jamtara in Jharkhand.

A large number of people in Jamtara were engaged in this activity, he said. “SIM cards used to contact the victims seeking their debit, credit or ATM card details on the mobile were procured, in most of the cases, through fake identification documents.”

“Though many persons were trapped in Jamtara and other townsof the region, the menace is growing,” said Mr. Sinha.

All persons caught phishing were not engineers or techies.

“Criminals we have caught in the past include people who have passed only class five. They are freaks or script kiddies, who learn a few techniques and apply it on various targets. Out of 10, even if they succeed in five, they make enough money,” he said.

A few gangs were also operating out of Noida in Uttar Pradesh and towns in Bihar, Mr. Sinha said.