Miyon ka Bara becomes Mahesh Nagar

Rajasthan village undergoes name change to boost matrimonial prospects

In Rajasthan, the name of a village called ‘Miyon ka Bara’ was officially changed to ‘Mahesh Nagar’ after residents complained that they were not getting matrimonial matches for their children as the name gave an impression that the village was inhabited by Muslims.

The Union Home Ministry recently approved the change of name and conveyed the decision to the Rajasthan government.

The village in Barmer district has a population of around 1,400.

Tahir Samma, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Siwana tehsil, said that during the pre-Independence period the name of the village was 'Mahesh Ro Bado' which changed to 'Miyon ka Bara' over the course of time.

Home Ministry nod

“The local residents were facing difficulty, mainly in finding marriage proposals and matrimonial matches for their children because of the village's name. They approached the government authorities with the request to change the name,” Mr. Samma said.

The Home Ministry examines the proposal for changing the names of villages, towns, cities, railway stations among others once the proposal is received from the State government. “After consulting other agencies, if found appropriate, the Ministry conveys its no objection to the State concerned and the gazette notification is issued,” an official said.

Resolution passed

“The village panchayat passed a resolution in favour of changing the name to Mahesh Nagar and forwarded it to the Barmer Collector. From there, it went to the Rajasthan government's Revenue Department and finally to the Union Home Ministry. After the proposal was approved, the name was changed in the revenue records,” Mr. Samma said.

Seven more proposals

In March, the Home Ministry had informed Parliament that from January 2017 to February 2018, it received 27 proposals from State governments requesting a change of names of villages, towns and railway stations.

Rajasthan submitted eight proposals, including Miyon Ka Bara. The other proposals were to change the name of Ismailpur village in Jhunjhunu district to Pichanwa Khurd, village Dhani Daroga as Jasawant Pura and Narpara as Nurpura.

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