Mettur–Salem Dedicated Water Supply Scheme: trial run begins

Water flowing through cascade aerator of the water treatment plant in Thottilpatti in Mettur in Salem on Monday. - PHOTO:P.GOUTHAM.  

The trial run began here with water pumped and transmitted through the pipeline for about 7 k.m. of the Rs. 320 crore Mettur—Salem Dedicated Water Supply Scheme and is expected to be completed in two days. Once it is successfully completed, the city would get an additional 80 million litres of water everyday.

The scheme is being implemented in two stages. Stage One is being implemented at a cost of Rs. 186 crore which includes construction of raw water pumping station and treatment plant, laying of transmission line for 42 k.m. from Thottilpatti in Mettur to the city’s entry point in Mamangam. Work had begun in 2010 and was completed recently. Untreated Water was pumped and transmitted through the pipeline for about 7 k.m. and dust particles were removed by letting out the water through 36 scour valves present in the stretch from Mettur to Salem. Engineers who monitored the entire process said that additional monitoring of the motor capacity, clearing of dust particles in the pipelines and checking the pressure in the pipelines would be carried during the trial run.

“Once the dust particles are removed, treated water would be transmitted in the pipeline to reach the residents”, they added.

Mayor S. Soundappan told The Hindu that after the trial-run process reaches satisfactory level, officials in Chennai would be informed. After that, a date would be fixed for inauguration by Chief Minister Jayalalitha through video conferencing, he added.

The Stage Two is being implemented at a cost of Rs. 132 crore that includes construction of 22 overhead tanks in the city, laying of feeder mainline for 78 k.m. from the city’s entry point to all the tanks and giving house connections for 212 k.m. The work for the stage two had begun in 2013 and is expected to be completed by this year-end.. Engineers of hte project said that the project has been designed so as to increase the capacity to 155 Million Litres per Day (MLD) in 2025 and 200 MLD in 2040. Currently, the Corporation receives 15 MLD through the Mettur-Salem Old Scheme and 60 MLD through the Mettur—Salem—Attur Combined Water Supply Scheme.