Memories and moist eyes

Priyanka Vadra, Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra share a tender moment at Rajiv Gandhi Ninaivakam, its pillars looming large in Sriperumbudur on Friday.  

Sriperumbudur Oct. 10 . It was an hour of solemn memories, anxiety and then excitement for the two children of Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur on Friday.

After the ceremony dedicating Rajiv Gandhi Ninaivakam to the nation, Priyanka Vadra along with her brother Rahul Gandhi, offered floral tributes before a marble portrait of their father. When she moved towards the southern end of the memorial, which features a freize, Priyanka was in tears. As she stood there with moist eyes, Rahul Gandhi provided a consoling pat.

It just took a few seconds for the two siblings to take charge of their emotions again and give a warm smile to the gathering. Then, seeing the party cadres seated in the eastern end of the memorial break into cheers, they waved at them. Taking the police personnel by surprise, Rahul Gandhi broke the security cordon, walked towards the crowd and shook hands with some of them. There followed Priyanka Vadra, accompanied by her husband Robert Vadra. She went close to the crowd but was stopped by the security personnel.