Massive hike in rates of some postal services

NEW DELHI MAY 29. The Government today decided on a massive increase in the rates of popularly used postal services with effect from June 1.

Money orders and telegrams appear to have been the only services to have escaped the hike, said to be the severest so far.

The price of printed post cards will be doubled to Rs. 6, while a letter card will cost Rs. 2.50 against the existing Rs. 2. A letter weighing under 20 grams will cost Rs. 5 (now Rs. 4) and an equal amount will be charged for every additional 20 grams. The price of competition post cards has also been doubled to Rs. 10. Books, pattern and sample post cards will be charged Rs. 4 (now Rs. 3) for the first 50 grams, and Rs. 3 for every additional 50 grams, against the existing Rs. 4.

In the case of book packets, the postal department has proposed several categories instead of the current practice of charging Rs. 2 for the first 100 grams and Rs. 3 for every additional 100 grams. Henceforth, this rate will be applicable only in the case of periodicals which cost less than Rs. 20. For magazines costing between Rs. 21 and Rs. 50, the rates will be Rs. 4 for the first 100 grams and Rs. 5 for every additional 100 grams. For magazines costing over Rs. 51, the rates will be Rs. 8 and Rs. 9 respectively. Parcel rates have also been hiked to Rs. 19 (Rs. 16) for the first 500 grams and Rs. 16 (Rs. 15) for every additional 500 grams.

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