Manipur blockades affect supply of essential goods

IMPHAL, MARCH 17. Manipur Government circles have admitted an acute shortage of essential commodities and life saving medicines following prolonged economic blockades.

One man belonging to the Paomai tribe in Senapati district was electrocuted early this month. Villagers had demanded compensation since livewires had snapped. As the Government was reluctant to give compensation, students imposed an economic blockade along the National Highway 39. Eventually, the Government came to an understanding on the amount to be paid as financial solatium.

Then the All Tribal Students' Union Manipur imposed a new economic blockade demanding an improvement in the standard of education in tribal areas. The blockade has affected both the national highways that are the only lifelines in the absence of a rail link.

The Manipur Students' Federation and some other organisations have also imposed an economic blockade along the National Highway 53 demanding that the Government take over the Jiri College.

Tension is high between the villagers of Nagaland and Manipur along Ukhrul district of Manipur. Police reports said that over 100 villagers supported by 50 heavily armed Village Volunteer Force had intruded Jessami village and destroyed fruit bearing trees, houses, etc., near the Chaka forest. The Nagaland villagers are claiming that the forest is within Nagaland.

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