“Mahatma Gandhi was shortlisted for Nobel”

Dhaka: Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination in 1948 forced the Nobel Prize Committee, which had “unanimously” decided to confer on him the top honour after short-listing the Indian leader for five times, to abandon the plan.

“(Mahatma) Gandhi was short-listed for the Nobel Prize five times,” Norwegian Nobel Committee chief Ole Danbolt Mjos has revealed. “For the first four, majority opinion made sure he did not come by the prize.

But then, at the end of 1947, the Nobel Committee finally reached a unanimous decision that, come 1948, the Indian nationalist leader would be the recipient of the prize,” he told the newspaper The Daily Star here.

But, Mr. Mjos said, as events were to turn out Gandhi was assassinated in January 1948 upsetting the Nobel Committee plan at the last moment.

Nobody was conferred with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948, the website of the Committee showed. — PTI

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