Laloo goes shopping

Islamabad Aug. 10. Talking about Indo-Pakistan ties and cultures of the two countries, the Rashtriya Janata Dal chief, Laloo Prasad Yadav, hogged the limelight here as he and some members of the visiting Indian Parliamentary delegation went out to explore the markets of Islamabad today. People from all age groups, particularly children, vied with each other to have a glimpse of the Indian leaders as Mr. Yadav charmed the crowds with his inimitable style. Doing a little bit of shopping, the leader from Bihar was presented gifts by shopkeepers.

``We have all heard about you,'' said a cloth merchant gifting a piece of Pakistani fabric to him. ``If it is a gift, I shall take it. Do you have a coloured one'', Mr. Yadav asked. ``The cloth is from Faisalabad,'' said the shopkeeper. ``I will accept it. Give it fast,'' replied Mr. Yadav.

Roaming in the markets, Mr. Yadav said he did not find much difference between the Pakistani and Indian cities. Asked what difference he found between Bihar and here, he said: ``It does not feel like we are in a foreign country''.