“Kerala on its way to implement high-speed rail”

To provide faster access to destinations separated by vast distances in India, the Indian Railways' proposal to use high-speed “bullet train” technology is a step in the right direction, says Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Managing Director E. Sreedharan.

Due to retire this month-end, the DMRC chief said Kerala is on its way to becoming the first State to implement the high-speed rail project.

Bullet trains, which run at speeds of over 250 km per hour, have been considered by Indian Railways for some stretches, and experts have been roped in for conducting feasibility studies and surveys in some areas.

Dr. Sreedharan said while studies are being conducted for some stretches, the Kerala Government has made “tremendous progress” in the area.

“The Kerala Government engaged the DMRC for a 560-km bullet train project between Kasargod and Trivandrum. We have completed the feasibility study and submitted a report,” said Dr. Sreedharan, adding that the Kerala Government has decided to implement the report.

“I think the Kerala Government will be able to push through the first high-speed rail project in the country. We expect the project to be completed by 2020,” he said.