Karnataka govt. says caste census data not authentic

The State government on Tuesday claimed that the socio economic survey (popularly known as caste census) data was not leaked and the data published by some media publications was not authentic.

Social Welfare Minister H. Anjaneya termed the published data as “far from truth”.

The Social Welfare Department conducted the survey in 2015 to assess the socio-economic status of various castes and communities in the State. The publication of the data was delayed owing to byelections to the Legislative Assembly and elections to local bodies. Instead of the survey data, the deputy commissioners focused on conducting the elections, he said.

The data would be published next month, Mr. Anjaneya said.

Yeddyurappa link?

Asked about any possible link between the leak of the data and appointment of the former Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa as the head the State BJP unit — in the light of the fact that the data published by some media publications claiming Lingayat population to be lower than earlier estimated — he said, “The question does arise as the data has not been released.”

The information that has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp claimed that while the Scheduled Castes constitute 1.08 crore (18 per cent) of the State’s population, Muslims constitute 75 lakh (12.5 per cent), Lingayats 59 lakh (9.8 per cent) and Vokkaligas 49 lakh (8.16 per cent).

Until now it was thought that Lingayats formed around 16 to 17 per cent of the State’s population, followed by Vokkaligas who were estimated to be around 12 per cent.

However, there is no clarity on the origin of these figures.