Karat hits out at foreign policy

Staff Reporter

PALAKKAD: CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat said on Thursday that if tax arrears were collected from the rich that would be enough to meet the funds for the development of infrastructure, roads, investment in agriculture, rural employment generation etc.

"But the Manmohan Singh Government is hesitant to do that. In the last budget, Finance Minister N. Chidambaram brought tax on the share market. But the Government had withdrawn it following protests from share brokers," he said.

Addressing a public meeting here, Mr. Karat came down heavily on the alleged "deviation from the independent anti-imperialist foreign policy that India had pursued. The Common Minimum Programme (CMP) of the UPA Government had promised an independent foreign policy for India. But our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has gone to the U.S. in July and signed an agreement that made India the junior partner of America. This was reflected when India voted against Iran with the U.S. on Iran's nuclear development policy. This is a betrayal and serious departure from India's independent foreign policy,'' he said.

``This deviation in the foreign policy has affected India's national interest and served only the U.S. interest. Iran promised to give petroleum products to India and wanted to put a pipeline from Iran to India via Pakistan. Thus the foreign policy pursued by India went against the national interest while it served the global interest of U.S.," Mr. Karat said.