Kabul for talks with India, U.S.

Shaida Abdali

Shaida Abdali  

Pushing for greater collaborative efforts to defeat terrorism in the region, Shaida Abdali, Afghanistan Ambassador in India, called for a trilateral strategic dialogue between India, Afghanistan and the U.S.

He said that the idea of trilateral strategic dialogue was long discussed but was never operationalised.

Concern over terror

“Reactivation of that strategic dialogue especially in the context of the war on terrorism is highly desired. The three of us are affected a lot by the phenomenon of terrorism and can decide on a strategy while taking others in the region along for a more effective strategy,” Dr. Abdali said while speaking at Brookings India here on Tuesday.

Appreciates military aid

On India-Afghanistan defence cooperation, he observed that though Indian military assistance was not talked about much in public, they had been doing it within “their capabilities”.

India has been training several hundreds of officers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in its military academies. At any time, 300 officers will be training in India, Dr. Abdali said.

“There is a plan for a 50% increase in training very soon,” the Ambassador added

This will be one of the issues to be discussed at the second partnership council meeting headed by the foreign ministers of the two countries scheduled to take place in May.

Kabul has also given a wish-list of military items which includes artillery guns, tanks and ammunition among others.

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