JKLF adopts declaration on J&K

ISLAMABAD Oct. 5. Pakistan-based Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has resolved to accelerate its ``movement for establishment of a united, democratic, federal and secular republic of Jammu and Kashmir'.

At a convention in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) on Friday, the front, under the chairmanship of Khan, adopted a ``Muzaffarabad declaration 2002''.

The declaration says that the front intends to accelerate its movement for establishment of a ``united, democratic, federal and secular republic of Jammu Kashmir having friendly relations with the comity of free nations in general and with its immediate neighbours in particular and appeals to the people and the Governments of India and Pakistan as also to the international community to take steps conducive to the implementation of this solution of the Kashmir issue which is also in the best interests of world peace and smooth working of international trade and commerce in general and of the nations and the people of South Asia in particular''.

The declaration claimed that both India and Pakistan stand committed, through the declarations made from time to time on national and international level, by their Governments and also by their founding fathers, to concede complete independence to Jammu and Kashmir.

It said, ``permanent division of Jammu and Kashmir State is neither an equitable solution of the issue nor will it be accepted by majority of the people of the State''.

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