J&K police issue guidelines to VIPs

Jammu Dec. 25. In the wake of militants killing an MLA and the threat perception to VIPs, the Jammu and Kashmir police has reviewed the security arrangements for legislators and other prominent persons and issued a set of guidelines to them.

The 41-point list advises them to avoid visiting any place at the same time on a regular basis and to keep changing the route taken, police sources said.

The guidelines come within five days of the killing of the PDP MLA, Abdul Aziz Mir, by militants in Srinagar while he was coming out of a mosque after offering Friday prayers.

The police have recommended that a personal security officer (PSO) always accompany the VIP. A warning has been given against disclosing details of VIP movement to any unwanted person, and the protected persons have been advised to avoid visiting isolated and unprotected areas for walking, jogging or recreation, even with a PSO.

While moving out, the VIPs have been advised to take mobile escorts and sufficient fuel, travel only on main roads, drive their vehicles at a steady speed, keep the windows shut and to avoid roadside stops. The guidelines also advise against receiving gifts from strangers and recommend that all such packets be checked thoroughly before they reach the VIP or his house.

The police have advised even their family members to avoid accepting any hospitality or casual conversation with strangers. They should also avoid a routine pattern for shopping, walking or visiting religious places or relations.

At their residences, the VIPs have been asked to have proper fencing, keep only one gate for entrance and exit and to disallow the entry of any person before establishing his identity. They have been warned against going out of their houses to receive visitors or seeing anyone off. The police also suggested that visitors be escorted inside the house only after proper frisking.