``Jagat did not attend any meeting in Iraq''

P. Shivshankar  

NEW DELHI: P. Shiv Shankar, who along with Natwar Singh was part of the Congress delegation which visited Iraq in January 2001, said the Minister's son, Jagat Singh, and businessman Andaleeb Sehgal travelled with them up to Jordan.

He said Mr. Jagat Singh, who was part of the delegation in his capacity as the general secretary of the Youth Congress, did not attend any of the meetings, contrary to the claims made by Aniel Matherani, who was also member of the delegation. ``They [Jagat and Andaleeb] travelled till Jordan...I am not sure if they came from Jordan to Baghdad. We were in Baghdad for 2-3 days. Sehgal was not with us, Jagat Singh, I am not sure,'' he told NDTV. Asked whether he smelt a rat during the trip, Mr. Shankar said: ``We never bothered — neither myself nor A.R. Antulay (another member of the team) — that they were with us or not. We never thought there was any hanky-panky going on.'' — PTI