Items for trade through Nathu-La listed

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: In preparation for the opening of the Nathu La pass, the government has notified the list of items for trade with China through this border point between Sikkim and Tibet. The importable goods are wool, goat cashmere, horses and salt while exportable items include textiles, cycles, coffee, tea, rice, barley, tobacco and kerosene oil.

According to the notice issued by Director-General of Foreign Trade, 15 products can be imported from China while 29 items can be exported from India. Nathu La will become the third border trading point between India and China after Gunji and Shipkila. The notification says that smooth trading of these commodities will be allowed "as per the prevailing customary practice". The list of items allowed for import are wool, goat cashmere (Pasham), goat skins, sheep skins, yak tails, goats, sheep, yak hair, horses, salt, borax, China clay, szaibelyita, butter and silk.The products that can be exported are farm implements, blankets, copper products, clothes, textiles, cycles, coffee, tea, barley, rice, flour, dry fruit, dry and fresh vegetables, vegetable oil, gur and misri, tobacco, cigarettes, canned food, agro chemicals, local herbs, dyes, spices, watches, shoes, kerosene oil, stationery, utensils and wheat.

The notice states that the import of goat skins, sheep skins and yak tails, goats, sheep, yak hair and horses would be subjected to provisions of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

The agreement on opening this pass was reached during the visit of the then Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee to China in June 2003.