“It will not change corruption paradigm”

Reiterating his stand, Congress spokesman Manish Tewari on Tuesday said the Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by Team Anna would ‘disrupt, destroy and subvert' the doctrine of separation of powers espoused in the Constitution.

Calling the Lokpal issue ‘completely irrelevant to the growth trajectory of India', he said one more law would not change the paradigm of corruption. Instead, a combination of measures could be taken up to increase accountability on the part of the government, he said addressing students of the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies here.

Even if the Bill were passed as suggested by Team Anna, it wouldn't ‘pass the judicial test' as some of the measures suggested in it were ‘unconstitutional'. Having an “omnibus creature like a big brother, intruding into every activity would upset the system of checks and balances set up in the democratic set-up of India. If the Lokpal is not accountable to anyone, the constitutionalism of the country will be disrupted.”

Mr. Tewari said that about 76 per cent of India's GDP source was not in government hands, and it was necessary to check for corruption in corporate quarters too.

Speaking about corruption in the media, he said private treaties, paid news and cross-holding should be probed as well.

On Kalmadi

Mr. Tewari declined to comment on the jailed Pune MP and sacked Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi's claim that he was suffering from ‘dementia'. “The matter is with the court, and I do not wish to say anything.”

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