Iraq war is against global laws, says Sonia

The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, at the

The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, at the "Bharat Bachao Rally" at the Ramlila Ground in New Delhi on Sunday. The party leader, Kamalnath, is at the extreme left. — Photo: S. Subramanium  

NEW DELHI March 30. The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, today said the U.S.-led war on Iraq "is against all international laws and conventions''.

This is the second time in as many days that she has spoken out against the war.

Addressing a party rally here, she said the Congress was in favour of a peaceful resolution of the conflict through the aegis of the United Nations.

"A just and honourable solution acceptable to all parties must be found through the U.N.," she said. She also expressed her party's solidarity with the people of Iraq.

"Congress Iraq ke begunah longe ke saath hai. (The Congress is with the innocent people of Iraq.) They are being made to suffer for no fault of theirs and are the worst sufferers of this catastrophe," Ms. Gandhi said.

She was also critical of the position taken by the NDA Government on the war and regretted that India had lost its voice on such issues at the international fora. Ms. Gandhi had spoken out against the war during her inaugural speech at the national convention of her party's block presidents on Friday.

The issue also figured prominently in the discussion on the international situation, at the two-day convention.

The CWC member and head of the AICC's foreign affairs department, Natwar Singh, criticised the NDA Government's inability to reflect the sentiments of the people on the Iraq war.

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