Initiate purposeful dialogue, says Pak. Minister

ISLAMABAD Oct. 26. The Pakistan Information Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, has dubbed the latest confidence building measures (CBMs) unveiled by India as a "jugglery of words" and said India should avoid "delaying tactics" and initiate a purposeful dialogue with Pakistan on all issues, including Kashmir.

"We want a purposeful and meaningful dialogue with India on all issues including Kashmir due to which both India and Pakistan fought three wars," the state-managed Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) quoted him as saying.

Mr. Rashid accused the BJP of "playing with the emotions of people to get their sympathies" and said, "Pakistan cannot be deceived by the political manoeuvres of the Indian Government."

"We are ready to restore rail links with India and also ready to initiate trade, provided the core issue of Kashmir is resolved on priority," he said.

The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) led by Amanullah Khan has termed India's offer of talks with the All-Parties Hurriyat Conference and of allowing traffic between Muzaffarabad and Srinagar as an ill-conceived attempt to hoodwink the Kashmiris, Pakistan, the international community and world public opinion. In a statement, Mr. Khan alleged that it had now become the usual practice with Indians to make generous-looking offers to Kashmiris only to impose unacceptable conditions later.

" The initial offer to Moulvi Abbas Ansari, head of the main faction of the APHC clearly looked to be an unconditional offer and it was given full publicity at the national and international level to impress the world about India's generosity, but as in the past, India subjected the offer, the very second day, to the Indian Constitution, making it impossible for any patriotic Kashmiri to accept," Mr. Khan said.

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