Indian tortured, stabbed in Boston

New York June 26. In yet another incident of hate crime against expatriates, an Indian graduate student has been robbed, beaten, burned with cigarettes, stuffed in a trunk, stabbed and dumped in the middle of road by four men after he made a food delivery to them in Boston.

Saurabh Bhalerao, 24, a student at Massachusetts Dartmouth and working for Sarducci's Subs and Pizza, was listed in fair condition last night after undergoing emergency surgery at the Rhode Island Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.

``It's probably one of the most vicious robberies I have ever seen, but it's not unheard of,'' Fairhaven Police Chief, Gary F. Souza, was quoted as saying by a city daily.

According to police, Mr. Bhalerao from Madhya Pradesh, delivered a pizza at a Weld Street apartment on Sunday night, where he was attacked by the four men.

The men originally intended to rob Mr. Bhalerao, but intensified their assault thinking he was Muslim, continuing to beat him even as he tried to explain that he was a Hindu, Mr. Souza said.

``He pleaded with his attackers... They were telling him he should go back to Iraq,'' the police officer said.

In addition to the beatings, the suspects burned the face and ears with a lit cigarette.

At least three attackers then hog-tied him and stuffed clothes in his mouth to prevent him from calling for help.

The attackers then beat and kicked so badly that they broke the bones in his face, he said.

Police have arrested three of the attackers and framed one of them. — PTI

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