India to sign education pacts with Palestine, Israel

Palestine wants Indian academia to be a part of its efforts in charting out a peace plan for the conflict-hit region. When Indian professors and educators arrive in Palestine as part of a bilateral agreement to foster educational ties, officials are hopeful that they will have a deeper understanding of the raging conflict between Palestine and Israel and come up with a resolution.

An agreement for strengthening cooperation in the field of education is being signed for the first time between the two sides when President Pranab Mukherjee visits Palestine during October 12-13.

“We are very keen to partner with India for exchange of knowledge in various sectors like information technology, mobile communications and electronic industry, but what we need more is for the world to listen to the Palestinian problems and to come up with solutions for peace,” an official of the Palestinian government told The Hindu on condition of anonymity.

The official said there were “universities of excellence” in Gaza and the West Bank, but the prolonged bloodshed had proved to be a deterrent to students from other countries to even consider Palestine as a destination for education.

School to be opened

While agreements are likely to be signed between JNU, JMI, Delhi University and the Indian Institute of Technology and Jerusalem University, Hebron University and Al Quds University; President Mukherjee will also inaugurate the Jawaharlal Nehru Secondary School at Abu Dees.

India will also sign agreements with Israel during Mr. Mukherjee’s visit from October 13 to 15.

Palestine hopes Indian educators can help find a way of the conflict