India to develop Chahbahar

creating history:PM Narendra Modi with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, at the Saadabad Palace in Tehran on Monday.— PHOTO: PTI  

The main contract on Chahbahar port was supplemented by a contract between the Ex-Im Bank of India and Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation with a capital back-up of $150 million for developing the port.

Speaking at the event to launch the Trilateral Transport and Transit Corridor, Mr. Modi said, “The arc of economic benefit from this agreement could extend to the depths of the Central Asian countries. When linked with the International North South Transport Corridor, it would touch South Asia at one end and Europe at another.”

Pakistan circumvented

The agreement on Chahbahar will open a new route of commerce between India, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia, feels Maharaja Krishna Rasgotra, former Foreign Secretary and one of the first Indian diplomats to have joined foreign services in post-1947 India.

“Soon after 1947, Pakistan became an obstacle between India and Central Asia and that is why we tried repeatedly in the past to befriend Iran and open an alternative route to Central Asia. We tried to have warm ties with Iran but our attempts were not always successful. But the agreement on Chahbahar will finally convince Pakistan that it cannot continue to play the role of an obstacle for India’s plans for Central Asia,” Mr. Rasgotra told The Hindu.

The agreement is a tangible sign of India-Iran cooperation, say West Asian experts who also feel that India will have to draw benefits from the newly opened Iranian economy without getting drawn into the regional rivalries. “India will have to ensure that its engagement is not taken as an approval for regional power politics by any of the regional big players,” said Prof. Ashwini Mahapatra of the Centre for West Asian Studies of JNU.