India, Serbia and Montenegro discuss extradition pacts

NEW DELHI OCT. 22. India and Serbia and Montenegro have discussed the possibility of concluding treaties on extradition and mutual legal assistance as well as on avoiding double taxation and visa-free travel for diplomats and officials.

The discussions took place between the visiting Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro, Goran Svilanovic, and the External Affairs Minister, Yashwant Sinha. Mr. Svilanovic told this correspondent that there had been a gap of over 10 years since a Minister from his country visited India.

His Government's foreign policy focus was the European Union. The EU had launched a "feasibility study" on Serbia's accession to it.

Yugoslavia had lost its membership of the Non-Aligned Movement and Serbia and Montenegro were granted the "observer status" at the last NAM summit in Kuala Lumpur. Serbia had established full diplomatic relations with Bosnia and Slovenia and restored ties with the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Albania.

"We have respect for the political weight of India," he said, adding that Serbia had "inherited" a very good relationship with developing countries.

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