‘India ruining Iran trade ties under U.S. pressure'

Under the pressure tactics of American imperialists, India is spoiling its deep-rooted trade relationship with Iran, Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Prakash Karat said on Saturday.

The much-hyped pipeline project for cost-effective gas supply from Iran was scuttled as India succumbed to U.S. pressure. Though India earlier depended on Iran to meet around 12 per cent of its total oil requirement, things witnessed a change recently as the U.S. mounted pressure, Mr. Karat charged.

“For the past six months, bank transactions between India and Iran too have remained blocked under the strategy of the American imperialists,” he said. “Our country was yet to make any payment for the oil it purchased from Iran for the last six months.”

Mr. Karat was inaugurating a seminar on ‘War on terrorism: a U.S. agenda on the Arab world', organised by the Keluettan Study and Research Centre here.

The CPI(M) leader said India was sacrificing its own interest for endorsing the strategic movement of imperialists to invade the Arab world for plundering its oil resources. “All Arabian countries are now facing threats against their nationalism as fundamentalists — sponsored by the imperialist forces — make inroads into their regime to hijack Arab democratic aspirations.”

Referring to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's call to support the U.S. in its “humanitarian interventions” in Syria, Mr. Karat said: “India, as per the U.S. ploy, would never be able to challenge the diktat sacrificing its long-pending aspiration to be a permanent member in the United Nations Security Council.” The term ‘humanitarian intervention' was the latest ploy of the U.S. after its anti-terror campaigns for imperial agendas.

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