India now a junior ally of U.S.: CPI(M)

Party criticises 2+2 dialogue

The Union government is surrendering India’s interests to become an insignificant junior partner of the U.S., CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said here on Friday, criticising the recent 2+2 dialogue between the two countries.

He demanded that the Modi government cease such military agreements and stop bartering India’s sovereignty.

“The government is surrendering India to U.S. imperialism and unfortunately we are reduced as a junior partner of the U.S. globally. We are told by the U.S. that India must slowly phase out all oil imports from Iran by November. Now that is disastrous, as it is the most secure and cheapest source of supply. India can’t jeopardise its own future and interest for the sake of U.S. imperialism,” Mr. Yechury told The Hindu .


The party’s Polit Bureau statement said the decision to sign COMCASA (Communications, Compatibility and Security Agreement) in particular imperilled India’s security by “intertwining the Indian armed forces with the Pentagon”.

“The communications equipment which will be provided to India to place in defence platforms will be monitored by the U.S. It will compromise India’s defence communications network and bind India to buying U.S. defence equipment in the future,” the statement said.

The Modi government has entered into this second agreement after the signing of the Logistics Support Agreement in 2016 which will allow U.S. air and naval forces to utilise Indian facilities.

The military and strategic alliance is going to harm India’s strategic autonomy and independent foreign policy, the statement said.

The government is surrendering India to U.S. imperialism and we are reduced to a junior partner of the U.S

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