India, Iran to expand S&T cooperation

NEW DELHI NOV 9. India and Iran today signed a joint statement expressing commitment to promote and expand scientific and technological cooperation between the two sides.

The statement was signed by Science and Technology Minister, Murli Manohar Joshi and the Iraninan Minister for Science, Research and Technology, Mostafa Moeen in Tehran.

Information and communication technology, energy, industrial technology, food technology and environment have been identified as the priority areas for cooperation, which is likely to give new thrust to the bilateral science cooperation, tardy over the past few years. The two sides agreed to promote exchange of scientific information and documentation including patents, licenses and know-how between them, according to an official release.

Visits historical sites

In Dubai, Dr. Joshi visited the historical forty-column Chehel Sotoon palace in Isfahan, famous for its panels depicting the Persian king, Shah Tahmasb, receiving the Mughal emperor, Humayun.

Dr. Joshi flew to Isfahan from Teheran yesterday accompanied by Pripuran Singh Haer, Indian Ambassador, and M. Bandhopadhyaya, Adviser in the Department of Science and Technology.

The palace has only 20 columns counted as 40, taking into account its reflections in a pool close by. The great palace of the Safavid dynasty is one of the 300 built in Isfahan when it was the capital of Iran in the 17th century.. — PTI

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