India welcomes Trump’s new Afghanistan policy

Donald Trump

Donald Trump  

He calls for end to Pakistani involvement in terror

Hitting out at cross-border terrorism from Pakistan, India on Tuesday welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump’s new policy on Afghanistan and said his move would help target “safe havens” of terrorism in South Asia.

Senior diplomats said the American leader’s call for an end to Pakistan’s involvement in terrorism in Afghanistan and his support for Afghan-led peace process had addressed a core Indian concern.

“We welcome President Trump’s determination to enhance efforts to overcome the challenges facing Afghanistan and confronting issues of safe havens and other forms of cross-border support enjoyed by terrorists,” said the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in an official statement. Speaking to The Hindu , senior diplomats said Mr. Trump had supported long-held Indian foreign policy principles of non-intervention and non-interference and ended uncertainties regarding the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump urged India to do more to help Afghanistan with its developmental needs and urged Pakistan to stop terror attacks that originate from its territory.

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