India fears misuse of Kartarpur corridor

Flags role of anti-India elements

A senior government official said on Friday that reports had surfaced about the association of anti-India elements with the Kartarpur Corridor such as Bison Singh, Kuljit Singh, Maninder Singh, and others.

On the role of Gopal Singh Chawla, aide of terrorist Hafiz Saeed, in the managing committee of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, as announced by Pakistan, the official said this raised concerns about the misuse of the corridor for anti-India activities.”

Asked if specific cases registered against Mr. Chawla, were shared with the Pakistani authorities, the official said, “I am not aware of any such case or FIR but the information is available in open source and available with you (media). We have not been given names of the committee, their foreign minister announced it….when they are associated with Kartarpur, our concerns arise.”

The official said that to expedite the infrastructure development for the corridor, India has proposed to hold another meeting of technical experts in mid-April to resolve outstanding issues at the “zero point.”

“In the last meeting, we had asked the corridor to be open seven days a week. Punjab itself has more than three crore population, people from across India would like to visit the shrine. There was a gap in number of pilgrims to be allowed; they cited infrastructural constraints and insisted on movement in groups, they did not agree on OCI card holders to be allowed this facility,” said the official.

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