India despatches fourth ship to Mozambique with aid

The Indian Navy has despatched a fourth ship to Mozambique hit by tropical cyclone Idai to assist in disaster relief.

“INS Magar , an amphibious warfare vessel, departed Mumbai for Port B e ira in Mozambique with essential relief material for the cyclone ravaged areas,” the Navy said in a statement on Thursday.

The warship is carrying 300 tonnes of relief supplies, including essential medicines, anti-epidemic drugs, food provisions, clothing, repair and rehabilitation equipment, and temporary shelters. The ship also has a Chetak naval light utility helicopter that will be used in the ongoing relief operations.

INS Magar is bound for Port Beira and will join INS Sujata , Shardul and Sarathi that are already operating there for over 10 days. The three ships were on deployment off Mauritius coast before they were diverted on the request of the government of Mozambique.

The Indian Navy was the first responder to reach Mozambique, which has been devastated by the cyclone.

The Navy has set up three medical camps at Port Beira, Gaura-Gaurathe Island and Matadoura School, Imnhamizua. A community kitchen was also set up and kept open around the clock.

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