India cannot act unilaterally: Pak.

ISLAMABAD OCT. 28. Responding to India's decision to implement some of its 12 proposals unveiled last week, Islamabad maintained tonight that New Delhi could not unilaterally act on the confidence building measures (CBMs). Islamabad, which had promised to respond to India's CBMs today, postponed a scheduled conference this afternoon.

"The media meet was postponed as there are some additional dimensions to be studied," the Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman, Masood Khan, said.

He said that while India could permit 20 more Pakistani children in addition to the existing 20 to obtain free treatment in India, New Delhi could not implement proposals such as permitting senior citizens to cross over the border or increase bus services without consulting Islamabad. Senior citizens would be allowed to cross by foot only after an agreement between the immigration authorities of the two countries, he said. Also, India could not run additional bus services without an agreement with Pakistan either.

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