GSI finds platinum deposits in Orissa

The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has found Platinum Group of Elements (PGE) in the Baula-Nuasahi ultramafic complex in Orissa.

“We, in collaboration with the Orissa Mining Corporation [OMC], are studying the feasibility of mining of PGE in the area. There are some encouraging signs,” said GSI Director-General A. Sundaramoorthy.

He was addressing a two-day seminar on “Orissa's Mineral, Environment and Geoscience Assessment 2011,” being organised to mark the golden jubilee of the GSI, here on Thursday.

The PGE comprises a family of six greyish to silver white metals — platinum, palladium, iridium, rhodium, osmium and ruthenium. They have attracted enormous interest from explorers all over the world due to their rarity, high economic value, growing demand in jewellery, pharmaceutical, telecommunication and hi-tech application in fuel cell technology.

“The Baula-Nuasahi ultramafic complex is the only proven PGE deposit in the country with an estimated resource of 14.2 million tonnes. This is confined to the active chromite mines,” GSI sources said.

The GSI started its collaboration with the OMC in 2010. After one year of study, scientists are elated about the prospects of development of this mineral.

Sitampundi in Tamil Nadu is another place where the GSI has got proof of PGE presence. Efforts are on to intensify survey of heavy metals along the Orissa coast.

  • “Baula-Nuasahi complex is the only proven PGE deposit in India”
  • Efforts on to intensify survey of heavy metals along Orissa coast

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