Government blamed

CHENNAI, MARCH 17. The Janata Party president, Subramanian Swamy, said today that the acquittal of two accused in the `Kanishka bombing case' by a Canadian court on Wednesday "due to lack of credible witnesses" marked the "comprehensive failure of the Government of India to defend its citizens from terrorism."

In a statement, he said:

"The United States has set an example of how a Government should defend its citizens. When the Pan Am Airways aircraft was blown up similarly over the same route, the U.S. Government chased the perpetrators till they were located and forced to be handed over by the Libyan Government.

"The most shameful swallowing of terrorist perfidy is the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. The Supreme Court upheld the trial court conviction of 26 LTTE persons, and ordered four of them to be hanged. Besides, the leader of the LTTE, V. Prabakaran, and his deputy, Pottu Amman, were held responsible for the act. But what has the Government done to execute the orders of the Supreme Court? Both the National Democratic Alliance Government and the United Progressive Alliance Government have shockingly forgotten about it.

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