Goa plans to check inflow of migrant labour

PANAJI, SEPT. 14. The Goa Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar, says his Government intends to stop the "unchecked migration" to the State through economic measures.

Briefing the media on the just-concluded BJP Chief Ministers' conclave here on Tuesday, Mr. Parrikar said the proposed "population policy" was not relevant to Goa as its fertility rate was lower than the national average. However, the State was facing the "population" problem on the other front — namely the inflow of migrant labour.

"A small State like Goa cannot afford to bear the burden of thousands of migrant labourers," he said. Moreover, the migrant population which was taking up less-paid work such as those in the construction or agricultural sectors, was a "burden" on the State's economy. On the other hand, the Government would welcome the inflow of technically qualified people.

Elaborating on the "economic measures," Mr. Parrikar said the Government was encouraging the setting up of ready-mix concrete plants to minimise the dependence on manual labour in the construction sector.

The Krishi Ghar concept was being developed to encourage the local population to grow and sell horticultural produce. Contractors who brought in migrant labour for various works would be required to deposit a hefty amount with the Government, besides being compelled to provide basic amenities to them.

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