Girl enacts hanging, dies

RANAGHAT(WEST BENGAL), AUG. 21. A 12-year-old girl today paid with her life while trying to imitate the recent hanging of Dhanonjoy Chatterjee, convicted for rape and murder, at Paikpara here today.

Manati Malakar, a Class VII student, died while play-acting the August 14 execution with her brother, Bitoo. Her parents were not present in the house when the incident took place. — UNI

Mock hanging

PTI reports from Bankura:

Timely intervention by teachers prevented a similar incident on Friday in which eight boys of Class VII tried to enact Dhanonjoy's hanging inside their classroom during break. The boys were reprimanded and their parents cautioned, school authorities said. On Tuesday, three children nearly killed a friend while enacting the hanging at Kalabagan village in Bankura when they took their goats for grazing at Soilbandha jungle. Ten-year-old Sheikh Islam, who was given the role of the convict, was critically injured.