Flights rescheduled

New Delhi Oct. 3. Indian Airlines (IA) and Jet Airways (JA) have rescheduled some of their flights on account of closure of the Delhi airspace on October 4, 5 and 8 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. for Air Force Day exercises.

On these days, IA flight IC 165 on Delhi-Mumbai sector will leave Delhi at 0745 hours; IC 806 on Delhi-Lucknow-Varanasi sector will leave at 0950 hours; IC 657 on Delhi-Mumbai-Coimbatore sector will leave at 0950 hours. The IC 809 on the Delhi-Patna-Delhi sector will leave at 1050 hours. Consequently, IC 810 on Delhi-Mumbai sector will leave at 1800 hours.

Flight IC 821 on the Delhi-Jammu-Srinagar sector will leave Delhi at 1055 hours. IC 813 on the Delhi-Kathmandu sector will depart at 1200 hours. On October 4 and 8, IC 429 on the Delhi-Chennai sector will depart Delhi at 1100 hours. On October 4, IC 879 on the Delhi-Bagdogra-Guwahati sector will leave Delhi at 1100 hours and on October 8, IC 877 on the Delhi-Bhubaneshwar sector will leave at 1100 hours.

The Jet Airways' morning flight 9W 334 on the Delhi-Mumbai sector will depart early at 0730; 9W 302 on the Delhi-Mumbai-Coimbatore route will depart at 1100 hours. Delhi passengers travelling to Coimbatore on this flight would have to take an earlier flight as the departure from Mumbai is on schedule.

The morning flight to Kolkata, 9W 922 will depart at 1010 hours; flight 9W 301 (Mumbai-Delhi) will leave Mumbai at 0810 hours. Flight 9W 333 (Mumbai-Delhi) will depart Mumbai at 0820 hours and arrive Delhi 1015 hours.

The timings of flight 9W 921 (Kolkata-Delhi) has been advanced by 45 minutes. It will depart Kolkata at 0545 hours and arrive in Delhi at 0745 hours.

The early morning flight 9W 822 (Chennai-Delhi) will depart Chennai at 0735 hours and arrive in Delhi 1015 hours; flight 9W 702 (Ahmedabad-Delhi) will depart Ahmedabad at 0855 hours and arrive in Delhi at 1020 hours.

The daily morning Boeing 737 flight 9W 610 (Leh-Delhi) will depart Leh at 0900 hours to arrive in Delhi at 1015 hours.

All other flights will operate as scheduled.

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