Efforts to avoid war not India's weakness: Pawar

MUMBAI, DEC. 30. India's efforts to avoid a war despite escalation of tension on the Indo-Pak. border should not be construed as its weakness, the NCP president, Mr. Sharad Pawar, said here today.

``We do not want to adopt the path of violence and clash,'' Mr. Pawar said, referring to the escalation of tension between the two neighbours. ``But no one should feel that we are a weak nation.''

Mr. Pawar was speaking after inaugurating a two-day World Religious Conference organised by Mahavir International.

Maintaining that only a powerful society can advocate the theory of non-violence, he hoped that a message of peace will go to the world after discussions at the conference.

Emphasising that non-violence was not the philosophy of weak and cowardly people, the former Defence Minister said non-violence preached by Mahavir and Buddha had turned India into a powerful nation.

``In today's chaos and calamity, only India can show the path of peace to the world.''


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