e-mail hoax a revenge act

New Delhi: An e-mail sent a day after serial bomb blasts in three cities of Uttar Pradesh, warning of more terror attacks was an “act of revenge” by a Gujarati living in Saudi Arabia against Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The mail sent from “ >” on November 24 was sent by the Gujarati resident, some of whose relatives had been booked by the police in Gujarat during the post-Godhra riots, as his “revenge” against Mr. Modi, sources said.

The message, sent to a private news channel here, had threatened attacks on the Pakistani cricket team which was touring the country at that time.

It had also threatened blasts in various places in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ghaziabad and Islamabad, after which the authorities had issued an alert.

Various TV channels had received an e-mail which landed minutes after the first blast rocked the holy town of Varanasi.

Efforts were on to ascertain the sender of another mail sent when the blasts in Uttar Pradesh occurred on November 23.

This, e-mail, sent from a Yahoo identity using French domain, was located to a cyber cafe in East Delhi. — PTI

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