DoPT issues new directives for prevention

The orders, containing measures to contain spread of COVID-19, will remain in force till April 4

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) on Thursday issued another set of directives for government employees on preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The orders will remain in force till April 4.

The fresh instructions have been issued in continuation of the office memorandum dated March 17.

“Heads of Department [HoDs] may ensure that 50% of Group B and C employees are required to attend office every day, and the remaining 50% staff should be instructed to work from home,” said the order.

“All HoDs are advised to draft a weekly roster of duty for Group B and C staff and ask them to attend office on alternate weeks,” said the order.

While deciding the roster for the first week, the HoDs have been told to include officials who are residing in close proximity to their office or use their own transport to travel to the offices.

The working hours for all those who attend office on a particular day has to be staggered.

“The officials who are working from home on a particular day as per the roster drawn up should be available on telephone and electronic means of communication at all times,” said the memorandum.

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